About us

Our story

Founded in the year 2000, Broadway Steel LLC is
a medium sized metal fabrication facility fully
capable of tackling fabrication jobs up to 300tons.
Serving the greater New England area with a full
time shop staff of six, and a variable size road
crew. Broadway Steel LLC is ideally positioned
within the market to ensure future success where
other shops have gone by the wayside

Our Facility

Currently, our 6525 square foot facility is optimally
located in the heart of the lakes region of NH,
which gives us excellent access to our local sales
market, as well as close proximity to all major
highways for equally easy access to those clients
further away.

Our Machinery

In addition to our well educated, highly
experienced staff, Broadway Steel LLC maintains a
ready arsenal of fabrication machinery, with which
to satisfy our customers every metalworking need.
From the everyday, to the more “adventurous” of
design stylings.

Our Projects

On average, Broadway Steel fabricates 50-400
tons per calendar year, and our field crew makes
sure it’s all installed correctly. We work with several
major general contractors in the New England

The majority of our projects are public works/
public transportation based, with a few privately
funded projects as well.

Whether it be a single bracket one could hold in
the palm of your hand, to a multi-ton job consisting
of the structural steel understructure of an entire building,
we will tackle it in a timely and professional manner.


Too many times in this business we run into those that
will tell you exactly what they think you want to hear, in
order to “close the sale”.
If you’ve got a tough project, we’re going to tell you right
up front. If a particular design, fabrication process or
specification would benefit from a change, we’re going
to suggest it to you. 

We consider it part of our job to ask
“What if……??” Of course, the final decision belongs to
the client.
However, as a family owned and managed business, we
firmly believe that if we don’t make available to you
every bit of our years of knowledge and expertise in this
field, then we have done you a disservice as a quality

Who we work with